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Located at E Frontage Rd. The piece shows a double strand of scalloped round silver beads strung on necklace cable. The necklace shows eight fluted blossoms and a great squash pendant with all rare Kingman Birdseye Turquoise Mine stones in a gem quality. The piece shows well preserved good condition and displays wonderfully. The piece shows excellent Blue Gem Mine gem quality turquoise in a very desirable Petit-Point design. The piece has very good quality and shows good condition. The bracelet has an inside circumference wrist size of 6.

Vintage Kinfolks Usa 331 Fishing Hunting Fixed Blade Knife W/leather Sheath

Perspective View The knife featured here does not have a scabbard. However, it would have been made of two fiberglass sections sandwhiched together. A metal fitting is placed in the throat section. The tip has a circular opening where a leather string can go through and act as a leg tie. A series of “RH” knives were produced during the war. All of them were similar in construction but had slight differences, primarily reflected on the blade.

Case Knives, or W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, is an American pocketknife manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted knives that are built to be passed down for generations. Based in Bradford, PA, Case Knives offerings include trapper knives, canoe pocketknife models, and more pocket knives .

World Military Collectables aims to provide a range of original, quality militaria items from the major combatant forces Drawing on the combined experience of over 50 years in the world of militaria, WMC will seek to present a regularly updated selection of items from the Victorian era to the Second World War. Predominantly featuring items from the First and Second World Wars , from medals , to uniforms, ephemera to aviation, all backed by a money back guarantee. We attend many of the major militaria shows in the UK where we would be more than happy to acquire single items or collections similar to those on the site.

Slip On Shoulder Title. A cloth embroidered slip on shoulder title for the British Expeditionary Force B. In good used condition with some very minor moth damage. Deep melton fabric body with bullion piping and a high quality bullion PAVO badge on scarlet. Fully lined with a plush sweatband which appears to be worn in reverse and in excellent, moth free condition.

Staffs and probably 6 Troop, 5 Commando. Grouping consists of medals , Burma Star, Defence and War medal with original box Birmingham address and slip, various photos showing groups probably in Burma and a large panorama shot showing men at Commando Basic Training Centre Achnacarry in Grouping also comes with a particularly good example of a 2nd Patt FS fighting knife marked ‘ B2 and arrow ‘ to cross guard. Knife looks to be little used with no sign of sharpening, contact rubbing to top of handle and very light speckling to blade from storage in scabbard.

Scabbard in good, clean condition, with both tabs and elastic retainer which retains some degree of elasticity.

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Moving on to the Woodcrafts, the Woodcraft had crossed hatched jimping on the blade for the thumb, an easy way to recognize the Woodcraft is the “Pat ” mark, I’m going to quote “Trail Dust” The “Woodcraft” was designed in by George W Brooks, the editor of The Outer’s Book. With the patent expiring in , a number of companies jumped on the design and offered their own version of the Woodcraft.

George Brooks and Webster Marble were of the opinion that the Woodcraft was a combination of both skinner and sticking blade sticking knives are for bleeding out livestock. Originally from what I have read in my material , the Woodcraft was sold with a sharpened false edge for sticking, later changed to a blunt. In my own experience, the Woodcraft is a great skinner and a dandy outdoor knife all-round.

Early 19th Century French Infantry Hanger. The typical small side arm worn by French infantry in the early part of the 19th century. This example has a solid brass hilt with a curved steel blade. it has been well used and shows some wear.

The following items can be found on the A2Z Military Collectables website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. This one is made of solid bronze and awarded to native bearers and servants; it has two clasps, the Tirah and the Punjab Frontier This medal is in excellent condition but all the naming has been erased; but both clasps are correctly attached and it comes on its original ribbon. A very fine medal, a superb gap filler. Original American civil war period black leather ammunition pouch.

It has been well used but remains in pretty good condition for its age. The inside still has the fabric compartments for the shells, there is wear here, some of the fabric has worn through, due to use. Pre XCII 92nd Gordon Highlanders Uniform Cross Belt Plate Beautiful solid brass badge which comes in wonderful original condition although there is light wear to the high points, long lugs both in tact, measures 3.

This is the 20 Mark example, part of a pad of certificates this is the last one, it comes in fair condition with a small tear on the right hand side.

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Sevres porcelain marks changed to a Double C with. The history of Sevres porcelain history starts in and if you can afford to Sevres is probably the best investment in antique porcelain you could make. From to date was generally omitted from mark.

A fighting knife, also commonly called a combat knife, is a knife designed for military use, specifically for close combat. Although since the end of trench warfare, most military knives have been primarily designed for utility or tool use.

More Harrell Family History Imagine for a moment that organized religion and your government are the same thing. Further, imagine the government mandates that you attend their church faithfully, and that you have to pay a sizeable portion of your income to support that church. If you fail to do either, the government will seize your personal property and put you in prison.

This was exactly the situation in s England and unfortunately, that treatment followed the Quakers as they tried to escape persecution in the new world. As a matter of fact, many ship captains refused to allow Quakers passage on their ships because it proved unprofitable. This caused the Quakers to build their own ships to transport Quakers to the New World.

This belief influenced the position of the equality of women, a unique characteristic within Christianity in its time.

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Doule pinning is actually quite common, knife makers being quite good at buffing the pommel so as it requires a loupe to detect the pinning at all. The tang is the end of the blade where it meets the front of the handle. In the case of the ” Hawthorne ” shown, the tang is seperated by a piece of brass, refered to as a finger guard, so as to keep your hand from moving forward onto the blade while gripping it. That portion of the tang stamp, where stamped ” Hawthorne ” is the mark side of the blade, the other side usually has a model stamped on it, is the pile side.

Camillus, once the most long producer of U.

Kinfolks who are the kitchen cousins dating knives a history of cutlery and cousins [dean elliott case] on *free* shipping on qualifying ks knives offers an accurate and factual history of. The fourth series of the cooking game show my kitchen on 28 january and concluded on 28 april on.

Beautiful yellow Marblette handles are set off with brass and colored end washes. Listed in the catalog, pg 9. Their still out there folks, this set was acquired at an estate sale for a pittance. Photo courtesy of Kinfolks Collector – Ron Small Kinfolks Series The series of small hunting knife featured a 3 inch blade and was often referred to as a bird and trout knife. Shown from left, stacked leather handle with knights head aluminum pommel, Y with yellow marblette handle, R with red marblette handle, and a two knife set including a and a with stacked leather handles.

Kinfolks Series The was one of the smaller fixed blade knives produced by Kinfolks. My first hunter was a with the blade tip rounded for safety.

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Jul 19,  · The Kinfolks had the rust removed from the blade and it was sharpened as well. The idea was to maintain the ‘look’ of the older knives but make them usable. I will put the MK1 on my range belt for competitions and such.

The following items can be found on the A2Z Military Collectables website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. A scarce and interesting trio comprising of the star with contemporary Mons bar correctly named to Pte. He landed in France on the 27th August Part of 15th Brigade, 5th Division and took part in the following engagements; The battalion moved to Italy to strengthen Italian resistance after a recent disaster at the Battle of Caporetto.

The Division was positioned along the River Piave. Returned to France arriving at Doullens; Sometime in late Private King was wounded and discharged on 14th January , but he remarkably survived the war. The two original medals are in very good condition, the copy BWM needs toning down a bit. Also included is a copy of his medal index card, which confirms his entitlement to the Mons clasp and rose.

Original American civil war period black leather ammunition pouch.

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Camillus production M4 bayonet made for the Korean War. Excellent condition piece with only some in and out of the scabbard wear and original factory sharpened edge. It would be hard to upgrade this one. Utica Jet Pilots Knife. I remember looking for years to find my first one of these knives, pre internet days. Although very hard to find they do turn up from time to time.

This company was listed in Furnival St. in as a maker of desk and pen knives. By , it was manufacturing pen and table knives, razors, an & Sons, U.S.A.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

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Short blade Robeson Shuredge

Why is the Star of David on the sword of the Marines? Anyone with a historical note on this. This is what I found: The above reference comes from JewishMarines. If the sword is made by the Wilkinson Sword Company the Star of David is on the hilt because the company was founded by a Jew, and the swords made by the direct descendants all have the Star of David on the hilt.

Are either of the above known to be true or are they urban legends??

knife knotes part v. Updated 7/8/ Stars in Blue. Just in case you were wondering about when the stars appeared on the flag.. 13 15

Needing Images About the iGuide? You have come to the right place! The price guide is maintained by Jon R. Warren, whose price guide books have been the authority on collectibles values since The searchable database consists of detailed reports on a ever-growing list of items. Each report includes current market values in ten different grades, as well as a section for “Real Market Data”, actual prices fetched at auction.

The database is updated daily. Of course, any item is only worth what a willing buyer will pay to a willing seller. Current estimated values are the result of much research. And we invite anyone to help add and update data. Read the “What’s A Wiki” section below for more info on how to help. One person cannot possibly keep every page up-to-date, so that is why we created a Wiki system to allow anyone to help maintain the database.

Case Knives

World Military Collectables aims to provide a range of original, quality militaria items from the major combatant forces Drawing on the combined experience of over 50 years in the world of militaria, WMC will seek to present a regularly updated selection of items from the Victorian era to the Second World War. Predominantly featuring items from the First and Second World Wars , from medals , to uniforms, ephemera to aviation, all backed by a money back guarantee.

It consists of three distinct portions: a two-story, three-bay, gable-roofed Flemish bond brick part dating to ; a three bay wide frame portion of the house dating to .

However, no documentation exists to support this theory. Research by noted U. Bayonet expert, Gary Cunningham, has demonstrated that they are a commercial product, made during the early ‘s, when the Office of the Director of Civilian Marksmanship DCM was selling off surplus M1 Carbines. The leather grip can be found with either five or six grooves. The length of the blade’s false edge varies. The blade and other metal parts are blued.

The “Kiffe Japan” marking can be found on the ricasso or crosspiece. This example is of poor construction compared to U. However, some are of better quality, including a rare variation for use with the Armalite AR10 rifle. The Japanese firm or firms that produced these is not known.

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