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Popular YouTube satirist Randy Rainbow. Just ask internet sensation Randy Rainbow. Anyone performing even the most cursory Google search of the latest political scandals involving President Donald Trump has probably come across videos of the something gay Jewish man interviewing politicians — and occasionally sliding a pair of pink cat-eye glasses on his nose while bursting in song. In between performances, Rainbow caught up with The Times of Israel for a quick chat about his journey. So tell us, how did this YouTube adventure start for you? Well, I had a show business background. I was on the stage since I was a kid.

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But three days later, he and a colleague observed the record-breaking nine-hour rainbow near the university. Pictures taken by Professor Chou shows at least one rainbow can be seen appearing above the university campus from 6: The observation lasted for eights hours and 58 minutes. Professor Chou said he observed four different rainbows during the nine-hour appearance It is said to have broken the world record of the longest lasting rainbow.

The previous record holder was a six-hour rainbow observed in Sheffield, United Kingdom, in He explained that there were actually four rainbows appearing in the sky, including a primary rainbow and a secondary rainbow where light is reflected by raindrops in the region of the sky. The appearance of the rainbows was cause by a seasonal monsoon wind which had blown from the northeast to the region.

The monsoon was said to have trapped the moist air, which condensed to form clouds and rain. Based on the figure from the university’s weather station, the monsoon wind was travelling at a slow speed of 2. Professor Chou, pictured, described the rare phenomenon discovery as a gift from the sky He intended to record the rainbow’s descending movement initially but landed a surprise Professor Chou also said the record was a surprise discovery for him and his colleague.

He said he was trying to prove a theory, which claims that a rainbow would descend seven degrees by height every 30 minutes. Professor Chou and his team believed that the rainbow yesterday has set a new world record.

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The Darya-I-Nur Diamond The finest quality as per color grading is totally colorless, which is graded as D color diamond across the globe, meaning it is absolutely free from any color. However, when studded in jewellery these very light colored diamonds do not show any color or it is not possible to make out color shades. These are graded as E color or F color diamonds. Diamonds which show very little traces of color are graded as G or H color diamonds.

Slightly colored diamonds are graded as I or J or K color. A diamond can be found in any color in addition to colorless.

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While many indigos are indeed still children, quite a large number of you have now progressed onto adulthood.. I think this is an important distinction because it may keep some people from identifying themselves as such due to a more advanced age. One thing to always remember when talking about indigos and their arrival is that everyone is speaking in general terms. There are no hard and fast rules as to when these souls started arriving and it woud be a disservice to many to claim they are not indigos based on their birthdate.

If you find yourself identifying with many of the traits listed below, I would say that is enough to identify you as a card carrying Indigo. You know at the soul level if it is true or not — if you truly resonate with these descriptions, then honor that intuitive impulse. They ensure that we close the doors to war, poverty, discrimination and separation.

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We said wanted to see yer best homemade costumes—the good, the bad, the semi disastrous. I was secretly hoping to see some goofy fun disasters just to make my non-sewing butt feel better. Take a look at some of these fantastic creations. First up, sweet little Audrey as Red Riding Hood. This is one costume I never tire of.

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By Mary Barile Antique Appraiser Antique crystal has been treasured by owners and graced tables for more than years and its story is just as sparkling today. Collecting stemware takes some research and time to learn the basics, but the results will be unmatched. Understanding Stemware Glass does have not the same chemical make up as crystal: Although people sometimes think of lead crystal as heavy which it can be , lead also makes the glass strong enough to be spun or molded into thin shapes and remain resilient.

Features Stemware comes in many shapes, and glasses are described by the shape of the bowl which holds the liquid , the stem which supports the bowl and base or foot. The most famous crystal stemware may come from Waterford , with its sparkling crystal and rhythmic patterns, while the American brilliant period s until World War I was known for the “bright” crystal glass and elaborate cuts and decorations.

Glass produced after World War I is considered vintage, and during the 20th century, antique crystal stemware was made by many companies, including Cambridge. Where to Find Antique Stemware Just about every vintage or antiques shop carries stemware, and there are thousands of patterns to choose from for your collection. But a few outstanding resources are: Ruby Lane, the online antique mall, has a continually changing listing of antique and vintage stemware.

One Kings Lane is another multi-dealer website, where you can search thousands of offerings.

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CD contains patterns with over pictures. Please see the Table of Contents below. This is the most complete guide to Indiana Glass that is available.

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Well into the early 19th century all antique diamonds were hand cut and polished. Technology and the machines capable of near perfection were not yet available. Thus, antique diamonds are known for the fact that each one is slightly different in shape and, often, facet size and shape. Only in recent generations have we sought out diamonds with perfect facet structures and shapes possible only by means of our modern equipment and technology.

Yet, antique diamonds often possess brilliance, life and character with which no modern diamond can compare. Antique diamond cuts, like the vagaries of fashion, have gone through periods of great change. Different centuries and eras favored different cuts of diamonds and of gems. Also, as tools and knowledge evolved, so too did the cuts of diamonds.

Diamonds and gems are polished or faceted to bring out the natural color and refraction within each stone. Minimizing flaws or reducing the less than ideal qualities of a stone is also an important factor in shaping a gem. Prior to colored gemstones being faceted, most were cut en cabochon a rounded convex top and flat bottom. We see cabochons in antiquity well through the Renaissance and many gemstones today are still cut in this fashion.

Below is a look at the evolution of the cut diamond beginning around the Renaissance period. Polished with very few facets, almost the entire original eight sided crystal of the diamond is left intact.

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Share this article Share He and his Scots-born wife Linda — a former Miss Edinburgh — had flown in from their main home in Miami for Barry to receive a lifetime achievement honour for his services to music. At that time, his grief had threatened to engulf him. Deep inside, I think that was so. That was the competition. Barry realised that, as brothers, he and Robin pictured were becoming more distant from each other Barry realised that, as brothers, he and Robin were becoming more distant from each other.

A similar situation, I can imagine, would probably be Lennon and McCartney. That same kind of distance occurred between them. The only time I felt we made up was when I kissed Robin on the head the last time I saw him before he died. Mo died in two days, so that was very quick and a great shock to everyone. Absolutely I will not be lying in a bed stuck on life support. So much neurosis that we could have avoided between us all. Because everyone wanted to be the individual star.

And we never knew what we were. Go as soon as you can.

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There are traces of lead in all glass but, in order for the product to be called “crystal” in the United States, the glass must contain at least one percent lead. In Europe, glass containing four percent lead may be classified as crystal. Czech crystal must contain at least 10 percent lead. Full-lead crystal contains between 24 percent and 32 percent lead. The Purpose of Adding Lead Lead is added to glass to make it easier to cut with accuracy.

Intricate designs can be cut into lead crystal that cannot be cut into ordinary glass.

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He met someone, fell in love, and was eventually left bankrupt. Bill and I became friends.

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Why should only Autobots get to rock out? You’re never gonna bring me down You’re never gonna break this part of me My friends are here to bring me ’round Not singing just for popularity — Sunset Shimmer My Little Pony: Set between seasons four and five of the show, the film picks up after the original one — Twilight Sparkle has gone home to Equestria and is now the Princess of Friendship, while her friends in the human world have reunited and Sunset Shimmer is attempting to make amends for her evil ways despite the school hating her.

However, a new threat enters the scene: Using some sort of dark magic channeled by their singing, the trio spreads a Hate Plague across Canterlot High, turning a friendly talent show into a Battle of the Bands. With the entire school under their control and the students turned against each other worse than ever, Sunset contacts Twilight in Equestria to ask for her help in defeating the trio and freeing CHS before whatever scheme they’re plotting comes to fruition.

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Adele visited the salon as part of a day out arranged by her husband Campbell, 52 Image: Mum-of-two Adele Burns, 47, says she suffered a life-changing emergency after what was meant to be a special day of pampering. Stylists at Rainbow Room International in Glasgow washed her hair six times after failing to get the colour right – and less than 24 hours later, Adele suffered a massive stroke.

The Daily Record reports that medics linked it to her head being repeatedly pulled backwards into the salon basin, which allegedly did not have protective padding. Adele, from Mid Calder in West Lothian, hopes the court action — the first of its kind in Scotland — will force change. She believes salon bosses should be more accountable and that standards must improve to protect the public. Adele Burns, 47, suffered the life-changing injury during what was meant to be a special day of pampering Image: After the five-hour appointment, she left with a headache but put it down to not getting a chance to eat.

She felt dizzy and lost her sight while cleaning the bathroom. She rested for a minute before crawling to a phone to call Campbell for help. However, she dropped the phone mid-conversation and passed out. Adele suffered a stroke which medics linked to her head being repeatedly pulled backwards Image:

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