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Other topics The Air Force The Constitution was ratified in , long, long before the advent of the airplane. It provides, specifically, for a navy and an army in Article 1, Section 8. Though they were aware of lighter-than-air flying craft, the Framers could not have reasonably provided for an Air Force. It should be noted at the outset that the Constitution does not provide, specifically, for the other uniformed services, the Marines and Coast Guard. The Marines, however, as an arm of the Navy, could be excepted; and the Constitution does provide for “naval forces,” and the Coast Guard could thus be excepted. How, then, do we except the Air Force? The first way is via common sense — the Framers certainly did not intend to preclude the use of new technology in the U. Basically, unless your interpretation of the Constitution freezes it in , the Air Force is a perfectly constitutional branch of the U. Thanks to James Severin for the idea. Congressional Districts Congressional Districts divide almost every state in the United States into two or more chunks; each district should be roughly equal in population throughout the state and indeed, the entire country.

NSWCDD on the ‘ground floor’ of 3D Printing

The following content has expired and is available for viewing as an archived piece of editorial. Please note that the content is not being maintained and may be out of date! The celebration will take place April 17 — 23, , featuring a colorful spectacle of ships spreading on the East Bank of the Mississippi River from Erato Street to Upper Poland Avenue. Additionally, the Navy’s famed Blue Angels will perform a memorable air show as part of the week’s festivities.

Navy in Vietnam: Navy Seabees in Vietnam Deployments of Construction Force Units. by Larry DeVries, CAPT CEC USNR (Ret.) The story of the Navy Seabees in Vietnam is one that stretches over a number of years and includes many, many accomplishments.

True, the full-size carrier—which displaces 55, tons fully loaded—has a history of mechanical troubles since she entered service in But her operational tempo had increased, the result of a renewed push by Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin to get the fleet out into the oceans for training and patrols. To that end, Admiral Kuznetsov has undergone some limited retrofits in recent years and participated in several missions to the Med, so the old vessel had done this kind of thing before.

But as the Kuznetsov rounded Europe and headed towards the Syrian coast, the U. Admiral Kuznetsov has a problematic history. One seaman died when the carrier caught fire during a deployment to the Med. During the same cruise, the flattop spilled hundreds of tons of fuel into the sea while refueling. Her steam turbines are so bad the ship has to be escorted by tugs in case she breaks down. Not to mention the carrier is barely capable of doing what carriers are supposed to do: No word from the U.

Navy as to whether it fears the decrepit flattop again might sink. Thomas Fedyszyn in Proceedings—the monthly journal of the U. Naval Institute—is to establish a permanent naval task force in the region drawn from vessels assigned to the Black Sea and Northern fleets.

2 women share 1st kiss at US Navy ship’s return

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Engage with other Sailors View the service histories of over , U. Navy Sailors, from WW2 to present day, including their memories and photos. Participate in our forums and find new friends with similar interests. Remember your Navy service Create an organized scrapbook of your own Navy service including all service history, insignia, badges, medal ribbons, memories and photos you can share with your family as a web page, or a poster you can frame.

In addition to its military records search capability, TWS is the largest online community of Veterans existing today and is a powerful Veteran locator. TWS enables Veterans to find those they served with by matching their service information entered on their TWS Military Service Page with the service information of all other Veterans in its membership. TWS members can then review matching members and connect with those they know.

Many Veterans try to locate people they served with to re-establish former friendships, but in some cases to also find witnesses to events that occurred during their service for medical claims purposes. TWS has a membership of

Dream coat: WW1 era U.S. Navy wool coat

Backing – operating the ship’s engine s so that they tend to drive the ship astern. Used primarily in slowing or stopping a ship, and occasionally to make it go backwards. Backing down – same as backing, above. Bad shit – a situation, or a collection of material, etc.

The U.S. Army, in partnership with the U.S. Navy and the Republic of the Marshall Islands, are safely recovering oil from the capsized World War II German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen in the.

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Did admirals illegally conspire against Navy SEAL in rape case? Court orders investigation

Email A sex worker talks to a man outside a hotel in the Geylang red light district in Singapore February 8, In the Geylang district, licensed prostitutes from China, Thailand and other Asian countries work in brothels that are technically illegal but obvious in their purpose with red lights and flashing signs. An unlicensed and illegal sex trade is rampant in doorways and on street corners elsewhere in Geylang, at the notorious Orchard Towers complex known as “Four Floors of Whores” on one of Singapore’s glitziest shopping streets, in numerous massage parlors and in explicit online ads.

These records were created to document enlisted Navy personnel assigned to each and every discrete Navy command (known as “activities” in Navy terminology), such as ships, aviation squadrons, air stations, bases, stations, training centers and schools, flag staffs, and Marine Corps units.

Share But having urinals on board posed more than just equality issues. Captain Chris Meyer, manager of the Future Aircraft Carriers Program for the Naval Sea Systems Command, said urinal drain pipes clog more than toilets do and are smellier and more expensive to maintain. This is among the Navy’s first steps to gender-neutralise its carriers since it began deploying women on combat ships in ‘There’s a lot more at play in the design objectives than making the toilet areas gender-neutral,’ he told CNN.

Current vessels squeeze more than sailors into each berthing but on Ford carriers, the numbers will be closer to each, although the spaces will be smaller. The Ford class, shown in an illustration, will debut in late Bathrooms will be attached to berthings as well, where as on many current ships sailors have to relieve themselves in a separate area of the boat. The Ford carriers, set to replace the Nimitz class of ships, are designed to allow more aircraft sorties but will have around fewer sailors on board.

The first three ships are scheduled to hit the seas between and , costing the U.

US Navy ship is attacked with missiles by pro-Iran rebels in Yemen for the THIRD time this week

Posted by VetCollector Many people collect U. Navy rating badges and many other folks collect ephemera. Still other collectors pursue metal insignia and uniform devices. As a ten-year veteran of the U.

The Navy’s first-ever “Print-the-Fleet” was hosted by CDSA in June to raise Fleet awareness of additive manufacturing and provide an understanding of how 3D printing can solve Fleet problems.

Terms and Conditions for R. There is NO sales tax in New Hampshire. Although there is NO substitute for attending the auction and bidding yourself, you may register and bid live at www. High speed internet is necessary. On higher value items, you may also register to bid via telephone. It is necessary to contact us at least to 72 hours prior to the auction to arrange for phone bidding.

We will normally notify successful bidders within seven days. We use e-mail to notify bidders and postal mail if a client does not have e-mail available. Personal checks drawn on a U. Note that shipping charges are extra and will be billed by R. Payment is due on receipt of invoice, and no later than 30 days from the date of the auction.

Large international transactions may be performed via wire transfer. Details available upon request. Purchases by absentee bidders, phone bidders or internet bidders may be picked up no sooner than 6 business days following the sale.

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