Jordan reopens main border post with Syria after 3 years

Read this article by Matt, a travel blogger from landlopers. Matt covers items customarily on the breakfast table to staples of the Jordanian diet to popular desserts. Read more Zikra initiative Imagine you are coming to a country without knowing any of the cultural traditions and practices. Zikra initiative is an exchange program bridging communities together through exchanging resources and skills leaving you with a positive Zikra memory of Jordan, where you can learn all about these cultures and traditions through many programs, one of which is learning how to make Galayet bandora. Galayet bandora is one of many things you learn to make, from picking and harvesting the tomatoes, to cooking them and making the beautifully thin shrak bread to go with it. This is the best way to learn not just about how Jordan uses spices, tomatoes and food in general, but why Jordan is very well known for its hospitality. Makmoura Eating with locals A great example of this hospitality is found in many areas such as Ajloun, where you are invited to share a meal with locals who are more than happy to provide you with stories and share the local customs and culture whilst enjoying wonderful, local homemade food. No Jordanian meal is complete without a cup of Turkish coffee or Arabic coffee with hints of cardamom that will help you digest the large variety of food that was made especially for you.

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According to the terms of the treaty, the lease could only be annulled with one years notice. With the deadline for the lease renewal approaching on Thursday October 25, Abdullah informed Israel of his decision to return the land to full Jordanian sovereignty thus signalling that the agreement has expired. The cabinet is set to convene an emergency session to implement the royal order.

Responding to the announcement, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he intended to “negotiate with Jordan for its extension” adding that “there is no doubt that the entire agreement is important and dear to both our countries.

Ibrahim Makami is a professional business writer/editor and corporate communications specialist, who occasionally writes about Egypt and its more colorful aspects and whose realism is .

Dating back to BC, they are considered to be among the oldest human statues ever found. The site, known as ‘Ain Ghazal , dates back to BC and spans an area of 15 hectares 37 acres. It was a typical aceramic Neolithic village that accommodated around 3, inhabitants. Its houses were rectangular mud-bricked buildings that included a main square living room, whose walls were made up of lime plaster. By , when the excavations started, around meters 2, feet of road ran through the site. Despite the damage brought by urban expansion, the remains of ‘Ain Ghazal provided a wealth of information.

Thirty-two figures were found in two caches, fifteen of them full figures, fifteen busts, and two fragmentary heads. Three of the busts were two-headed, the significance of which is not clear. Ammon provided several natural resources to the region, including sandstone and limestone, along with a productive agricultural sector that made Ammon a vital location along the King’s Highway , the ancient trade route connecting Egypt with Mesopotamia , Syria and Anatolia.

As with the Edomites and Moabites , trade along this route gave the Ammonites considerable revenue. Excavations by archaeologists near Amman Civil Airport uncovered a temple, which included an altar containing many human bone fragments. The bones showed evidence of burning, which led to the assumption that the altar functioned as a pyre. The ruins of Rujm Al-Malfouf consist of a stone watchtower used to ensure protection of their capital and several store rooms to the east.

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Immigration How to Sponsor your spouse to Canada Canadian citizen can sponsor a spouse and dependent children to come and live with them if they are outside Canada. Therefore Canadians are free to get a marriage visa to marry their Jordanian spouses and sponsor their application for marriage immigration to Canada provided that they meet all the requirements set forth by the Canadian Government.

If you were married in Jordan the marriage must be valid under the Jordanian law and under the Canadian law. A marriage performed in a Canadian Embassy in Jordan must comply with the laws of Jordan.

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The black metal border gate was opened from the Jordanian side of the crossing at 8: Several cars bearing Jordanian license plates queued to enter Syria, the photographer added, as travellers expressed their joy at being able to cross the border. Jordanian taxi driver Imad Sariheen called the reopening of Jaber a source of “great happiness for all of us” which will help ease “economic hardships” caused by the closure of the crossing.

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Jordan is a young state that occupies an ancient land, one that bears the traces of many civilizations. Separated from ancient Palestine by the Jordan River , the region played a prominent role in biblical history. The ancient biblical kingdoms of Moab , Gilead , and Edom lie within its borders, as does the famed red stone city of Petra , the capital of the Nabatean kingdom and of the Roman province of Arabia Petraea.

It is among the most politically liberal countries of the Arab world, and, although it shares in the troubles affecting the region, its rulers have expressed a commitment to maintaining peace and stability. The West Bank area so named because it lies just west of the Jordan River was under Jordanian rule from to , but in Jordan renounced its claims to the area. Relief Jordan has three major physiographic regions from east to west: The desert region is mostly within the Syrian Desert —an extension of the Arabian Desert —and occupies the eastern and southern parts of the country, comprising more than four-fifths of its territory.

The landscape is much eroded, primarily by wind. Outcrops of sandstone, chalk, limestone, and flint extend to the extreme south, where igneous rocks predominate. The soil of its lower reaches is highly saline, and the shores of the Dead Sea consist of salt marshes that do not support vegetation. Effib In the northern uplands several valleys containing perennial streams run west; around Al-Karak they flow west, east, and north; south of Al-Karak intermittent valley streams run east toward Al-Jafr Depression.

The topsoil in both regions consists of alluvium—deposited by the Jordan River and washed from the uplands, respectively—with the soil in the valley generally being deposited in fans spread over various grades of marl. Page 1 of

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Boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy and girl date, boy and girl fall in love, boy asks girl to marry him, girl says yes, girl and boy get married. Living in the Middle Eastern country of Jordan, traditional engagement goes a little like this: In Islam, and typically in Jordan, dating is forbidden. Dating is forbidden to protect the man and mostly the woman from unintentional or intentional harm.

If you think about it openly, you will remember many times in your life or the lives of others you know who dated.

Thanks to a gracious family of Jordanian locals, we’ll have lunch in a neighborhood home and indulge in Mansaf, the national dish of Jordan, a traditional plate of spiced lamb cooked in yogurt and served over a .

Our professional guides are government certified- whom know the Bible and Christian sites and teachings. With jet-lag and fatigue a possible downside to long flights, we recommend arriving in Cairo one day before your tour starts Monday arrival instead of Tuesday. This will help you rest, relax, and better adjust to the new time zone, which will help you start fresh when your tour begins.

When booking the tour, please advice us whether you would like to book the optional pre-arrival extra day in Cairo, and one of our agents will be happy to confirm the extra day. Day 2 – Tuesday Egypt Welcome to Egypt, upon arrival into Cairo International Airport you will clear immigration and customs formalities, and met outside customs by our representative for private transfer to your hotel in Cairo for evening at leisure and overnight.

Dinner at your hotel. The oldest and largest of the three is the Cheops Pyramid built 3rd dynasty about B. Next is the Pyramids of Chefren and visit the majestic Great Sphinx, which is the largest single block sculpture located at the foot of the grand Pyramid Chefren. In the area of the Pyramids making for a great picture take an opportunity to ride a camel with the Pyramids in the background.

Continue to visit the famous Egyptian Museum, here we shall provide you with a brief, but colorful insight into the five thousand years history of Egypt’s fascinating land. We begin with Coptic Church, where you will visit the Hanging Church, dating to the late 4th and early 5th century. This basilica was named “Al-Mu’allaqah” because it was built atop the south gate of the Babylon Fortress.

Continue to the Church of St.

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General Customs. Avoid pictures of people or dogs; Islam prohibits images of the human body and dogs are considered unclean. Avoid alcohol and products made of pigskin, because pigs are considered offensive to Muslims.

Share From Antiquity to Modernity Jordan is a land steeped in history. As the crossroads of the Middle East, the lands of Jordan and Palestine have served as a strategic nexus connecting Asia, Africa, and Europe. Jordan continues to play this role even today. Because of its central location, the land of Jordan is a geographic prize that changed hands many times throughout antiquity.

From the west, Pharoanic Egypt extended its power and culture into Jordan, while the nomadic Nabateans built their empire in Jordan after migrating from the south. Finally, Jordan was incorporated into the classical civilizations of Greece, Rome and Persia, the relics of which are scattered across the Jordanian landscape. Since the mid-seventh century AD, the land of Jordan has remained almost continuously in the hands of various Arab and Islamic dynasties.

The second geographical factor that has helped shape the history of Jordan concerns climate.

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Meet and transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. See the ancient Phoenician port of Tyre and then head up the coast to the Persian city of Sidon, renowned for its green scenery, before a traditional lunch and a visit to the Temple of Echmoun. Travel down the Mediterranean coastline to Tyre romanized as Sour.

Women in traditional Palestinian attire are seen in this photo dating back to the early 20th century (Photo courtesy of Omar Ghul) AMMAN — Since the early decades of the 19th century, numerous Western travellers, clergymen, politicians and scholars visited Palestine and the land located to the.

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