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Biography[ edit ] Only scattered information has been revealed about John Casey’s past or his family. James Keller, he faked his death and was given a new identity of John Casey. In a second-season episode, Casey was shown calling someone he referred to as his mother, but considering the situation and the fact that he referred to himself as “Johnny Boy,” it seems he was speaking in code. He was attempting assassinations in the s, [6] he left the Marines to become an agent in January , he was 23 years old when he started training with his mentor, NSA instructor Ty Bennett , and it was at some point in his training with Bennett. He served as a lieutenant in a Marine amphibious force in Honduras in January While serving there, Casey was informed that he had not qualified to train with Special Operations Command , and immediately after receiving this news was recruited into the NSA by Colonel James Keller. Keller ordered Casey to fake his death, requiring him to give up his life and Kathleen, whom he did not know was pregnant at the time. She told him over the phone that she had some news for him, but before she could finish, Keller cut them off and gave Casey his order of faking his death. Later in that episode, after Chuck rescues Kathleen from Keller’s men who were sent to kill her, Casey arrives to help him clear everything up and finds out that Kathleen has a daughter named Alex whom Casey fathered, and who is named after him. When Casey is dismissed from the NSA by Beckman, Chuck tries to persuade him that all is not lost and that it is not too late to make amends for the past now that he is a civilian because Kathleen lives around town and he can finally get to know his daughter.

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And I know all about the Coors thing! The scarcity increased the charisma of the beer for us young naive lads wanting to throw a party. A road trip was in order, crossing multi-state lines to purchase the elixir of the Gods. Long story short the party was a success– if you don’t count the pesky police telling us that half naked people loudly slurring “Wild Thing” after 2am was somehow illegal.

It was true the beer did have magic effects beside intoxication. In the following years Coors became readily available and we had to laugh when discovering it really wasn’t any better than other beers and we preferred Beck’s.

The Romeo1 will mount to any SIG SAUER cut dovetail (including P, P, P, P, P), Novak cut dovetails, Glock Standard Frame, Glock MOS, Smith and Wesson M&P, Smith and Wesson CORE, HK P and the CZ

You say here though, And maybe its a little conflicting vs e-mail with regards to date? I’m not sure why you had two stickers on the box. The is model,. I’m not familiar with the BAS code. There are two stickers, but one is the serial number only. The second sticker is the one in question. Hope I am explaining myself right this time. And as said previously the 3rd sticker with date is missing.

There is but one single sticker. It has BOTH numbers on it.

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Originally Posted by coopXX I’ll try to keep it short while also including all the pertinent information. I don’t want to derail this thread but I understand perhaps some background info may be necessary. Fired about rounds of.

Mar 17,  · If you’ve heard someone mention proof marks or date codes when discussing a SIG Sauer pistol, but weren’t quite sure what those were, then the goal of this article is to bring you up to even if you’re already familiar with proof marks, maybe this article can broaden your knowledge and teach you something new.

He is also a forensic analyst and former bomb-squad officer. He was briefly married to Eric Delko ‘s sister, Marisol Delko , which ended when she was murdered by a Mala Noche sniper. Horatio recently discovered that he has a sixteen-year-old son named Kyle Harmon. Contents [ show ] Personality Horatio is a person that one could say both many positive and negative descriptions of, making it difficult to “sum up” his personality in a short phrase.

This also results in people he comes into contact with either really liking or really hating him as a person. Horatio has a rather emotionally withdrawn personality and, despite the odd chuckle and smile here and there, acts rather dispassionate, unless empathizing with victims or his team and showing compassion to the same. Thus it is often difficult to tell what he is thinking. Horatio is gifted at getting information out of children; when speaking to a child he speaks softly and cocks his head in his usual manner allowing him to maintain eye contact with the child without making them feel guilty or upsetting them.

Despite his good rapport with children, Horatio tends to have a dry, sterile attitude, especially with suspects and members of federal agencies CSI: LV episode , ” Cross Jurisdictions “. While he usually has a pretty intense demeanor, he does have a softer side, which usually doesn’t show until a case has been solved, and things are a little quieter in the lab. He is also especially soft towards children, often acting as a “father figure”.

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Posted on Thursday, October 3, by Thoreau 5 Comments This question receives much attention and endless discussion in online gun forums. Formerly, I thought that a 9mm pistol with a hot load would be best, but I read an interesting article that challenged my point of view. He was an LEO for many years. He received a Ph. Terminal Ballistics as Viewed in a Morgue.

Oct 24,  · Sig recommends and trains so that the system is to be used as DAO (Double Action Only). You will see that they only list the lbs. trigger pull in DA on their DAK models specifications sheets. They recommend that users should be trained to fire the pistol by utilizing the full double action trigger stroke so that the trigger is a consistent.

I have couple of Sig Sauer pistols but don 39;t know the years they were made. Sig manufacture date, sig mosquito serial numbers, sig sauer manufacture dates, sig serial lookup, sig serial number look up, sig serial number lookup. Decode sig sauer serial number, sig p serial number lookup, sig sauer p serial number lookup, sig sauer p serial numbers, sig sauer p serial number lookup.

Sorry, but I will not be updating the P list. Can my pistol be My mosquito pistol seems to have problems ejecting extracting. Sig mosquito manufacture date, sig mosquito serial number, sig mosquito serial number f, sig mosquito serial numbers, sig mosquito serial numbers dating info.

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They’ve switched to a number of metal injection molded parts that have sometimes caused issues the takedown lever either breaking or deforming–in some cases in a manner that locks up the gun–is one example of MIM issues and cut other corners in manufacturing. I can’t really advise anyone to get a brand new SIG these days, not the way they’ve started making them. That said, the later ‘s still seem to be alright; I had a newer one that was well-made and reliable.

Jul 08,  · sig sauer year of manafacturer by serial number, sig sauer date codes, sig sauer dates of manufacture, sig sauer manufactured date , sig sauer p serial number lookup, sig sauer serial number, sig sauer serial number decoder, sig sauer serial number lookup.

It’s so strong and elegant. The other guns look dumb to me. Also the good thing I like — how many bullets can it fire? When you continue firing it’s like The 92 is a descendant of the single stack Beretta M , and can be considered a modern-day variant of the Walther P38, as it uses the P38’s locking block as opposed to a Browning-style tilting barrel; this allows for a lighter slide or a lighter half of a slide, in Beretta’s case , and the barrel is restricted to back-and-forth motion, helping accuracy.

It has been continually updated for a while, its latest model being the 92A1. Beretta themselves later released a variant chambered in. The gun has had multiple claims to fame:

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DeSantis Holsters DeSantis are a large company that provide high quality holsters for all semi-automatic handgun types. Perhaps not the holster brand for service and tactical operators, but in terms of concealed carry firearms DeSantis are as good and well-priced as can be found on the market. This holster comes with a belt clip; the gun slide rests in the leather piece and hangs beneath the waistline. Simply pull the leather flap that covers the weapon and the gun is good to draw.

Magnets hold the handgun in place, and the stitching and craftsmanship is superb.

Mar 08,  · Dismantling and Reassembling the Sig Sauer P Equinox 4 the first time.

Watkins, has served in the Army for 37 years. He was a military policeman and Army police investigator. In , he responded to the LaBelle nightclub bombing that killed two U. Getty Images 20 Oct Miami Herald By By Carol Rosenberg Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has chosen an Army colonel with experience in handling terrorism cases — dating back to the Berlin disco bombing — to serve as chief judge of the Guantanamo war court, according to a document obtained by McClatchy.

Watkins, 56, is currently handling hearings in the war crimes case against Guantanamo prisoner Majid Khan, a Baltimore-area high school graduate who was captured in Pakistan and held for years in CIA prisons. Khan has turned government witness and faces sentencing July 1. Pohl had been chief judge since the Obama administration until he retired from 38 years in service last month. The brief opening meant that the war court overseer could not approve new cases, because there was no chief to assign a judge from an existing pool of military judges.

At a July hearing in the Khan case, Watkins described his s service as a military policeman and Army police investigator, at one point at Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie and in responding to the LaBelle nightclub bombing that killed a Turkish woman and two U. The judge replied that his background would not interfere with “impartiality or fairness. I think it’s legitimate and it’s historical,” he replied.

Sig-Sauer P229 E2 9mm 15 Round Magazine

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Mar 08,  · Sig P – W. German – S XXX – (kd date code on slide along with proof marks shown at the beginning of this thread). Gray & white cardboard box. Sig P – Frame and barrel AD42XXX made in Germany – 40 S&W – inside of grips indicate 8/94 – purchased new spring – .

Intermediate Adjustable Trigger Checkered trigger guard underside Enhanced polished action with short reset trigger X5 undercut on the frame More aggressive front strap checkering Sig’s X-Ray night sights which offer high visibility during day and night Reduced profile decocker and slide levers Reduced Elite beavertail Custom checkered G grips Ships with 3 anti-friction magazines The Legion pistols will probably not be as widely available as many other Sig Sauer firearms.

After you purchase one you will want to complete the registration with Sig to qualify for additional benefits of being a Legion owner. First you will receive a custom pistol case including a challenge coin matching your pistol model: Note the custom cutouts for the pistol, magazines, challenge coin and a custom knife sold separately.

You’ll also have exclusive access to purchase Legion apparel from Sig as well as other Legion merchandise knives, lights, etc. Legion members will also be the first to know about the newest additions to the Legion line. Bruce Gray published the following photo on Facebook showing his new P triggers. I am thinking that perhaps these are the same triggers going into the Legion Series.

I’ll post updates as I obtain additional info. The first set of photos below are the P Legion 9mm that we recently received: The following set of photos is the P Legion 9mm: This will help show the color of the gray PVD vs the black Nitron finishes. Sig sent out the introductory announcement email with a breakdown in the cost savings on the Legion line:

Sig Sauer Factory P229 .40 S&W / .357 SIG 12 Round Magazine

There is a lot of good information on caliber in there. Looking at ballistics tests, both of these rounds will perform adequatly enough to stop an attacker, providing you select a good bullet and place your shots well. The one benefit to the. I personally think the recoil is less than a. GA is right when he says to shoot both guns, as YOUR opinion is the only one that matters in the end. Neither of these weapons will fall apart on you although you will have to take better care of the Sig to ensure it doesn’t rust

Aug 11,  · Main Page SIG Pistols Sig Sauer Classic P-Series – Serial Number List and associated manufacture/import years/information.

Rick and Kate are exploring their relationship in the privacy of the Hamptons, meanwhile back in New York…. See the end of the chapter for notes. Kate had not been able to stay asleep. Woken early by her own internal – infernal on days like this – alarm clock telling her it was time to rise as most Mondays required. Unwilling to remain under the covers beside a still sleeping Rick, she slipped from the bed and decided it was time for some exercise.

Knock the restlessness on the head and help her shed the nervous energy so she could support Rick during what would likely be a trying day. Maybe five miles and some stretching would do it, and she could save the rest for the new gym and working out with Rick later if he was able or rather, allowed to. Traipsing into the walk-in-robe she quickly located some warmer running gear including a nice lightweight insulated top and quickly shucked her pj’s and changed quickly as despite the heating the room there was a definite chill in the air and far cooler than the bed with her own human radiator.

With her feet now clad in socks, she left the trainers off for the moment, carrying them in her hand as she stealthed out of the bedroom, pausing and casting a glance at her man, blowing a kiss to her still sleeping partner. Her phone was in her other hand and she instinctively checked it. No messages — unsurprisingly – as she padded downstairs and headed towards the study.

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In all likelihood, excepting specops or. Gregory Markle March 12, at March 13, at 6:

Apr 06,  · Any of my search term words; All of my search term words; Find results in Content titles and body; Content titles only.

By Bob Campbell published on October 6, in Concealed Carry , Firearms A common discussion among experienced handgunners with a safe full of handguns is the carry of an expensive handgun versus a more affordable, but utilitarian, pistol. As an example one shooter may have a Gold Cup in the safe but carries a Glock We all have safe queens we do not carry on a regular basis.

Then there is the BBQ gun that we may carry when surrounded by friends. Many a blue steel stag-gripped Colt lies in the gun safe, while a Glock or SIG rides with us on our daily rounds. As long as the carry gun is reliable that seems OK, but I like to carry the most capable handgun I am able to master.

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