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How to install an Amplifier: Disconnect the battery terminals: Run the power cable from the battery to the location of the amp or distribution block. To read more about running wires, click here If you run it through any sort of sheet metal, be sure to protect the power cable with a rubber grommet, or some other protective device. Be sure you have plenty of slack at both ends of the cable. This will make your life easier, trust me! Be sure you run the power cable away from any RCA cables. I usually run the power cable down the side of the vehicle that the battery is installed on, and run the RCA cables down the center of the vehicle. Once the cable has been run and secured, leave it alone for the time being.

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How do I key my linear amp with an FT ? I don’t have the manual unfortunately. The relay provides a mechanical closure to ground on transmit to trigger the amplifier. On the , this feature is only accessed through the band data jack using an 8 pin mini plug. So how does one hook up the to an amplifier?

Here are my top ten mistakes when hooking up a home theater system – from simple issues to things that could quickly lead to premature device failure.

Instructions to hook up amp to car stereo without RCA jack Hook up car amp without rca, trouble logging in or staying logged in? This is the link to some amps they make. How can you hook up a amp to a after market radio that has no RCA jacks? How do you hook up a new car stereo? It is used to convert speaker lines into an RCA output.

Then connect the red and white RCA-style plugs to the matching inputs on the back of your stereo receiver or boombox. In Stereo World, this is called “Input Voltage. Amp hook up without rca, turn Front how to hook up my mac pro to tv by the TV and rear speakers behind the sitting area. You will need to connect the lengthy, red wire to the positive terminal of the battery.

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If you have speakers already connected to your stereo, fully disconnect them. Active crossover units are larger than passive ones and need to be mounted in a stable location, ideally near your amplifiers. Using the appropriate cables, wire your crossover into the receiver or preamp, with the wires coming out of the receiver going into the “in” terminals on the crossover.

Depending on your receiver and your stereo system, you will probably be making this connection with RCA cables, but some crossovers will are set up to use speaker wire instead as detailed in Method 1 if your receiver doesn’t have RCA outputs. Using the appropriate cables again, usually RCA or speaker wire for a home stereo system , connect the appropriate outputs to the appropriate amplifiers.

If you don’t have a subwoofer, you’ll send your high frequency signal to your tweeter amp and low-frequency signal to your woofer amp.

Feb 06,  · You would hook the cable box HDMI up to the converter. From there you could hook up RCA or Optical to your receiver for audio. Then you would hook another HDMI cable from the .

The Logitech Z has a clear sound with rich bass. It has headphone and line connections. On the back of the subwoofer, there is a knob that lets you control the bass volume. The Logitech Z has many positive reviews and ratings. Some consumers recommend using the RCA inputs as the 3. It costs a little bit more, though. You can connect your turntable to the RCA inputs.

You can play music from your computer. This set of speakers work as an audio interface. This is very helpful if your turntable does not have USB connection. These speakers have a headphone jack and a bass boost switch.

AMP200 High Current Class A/B 2 Channel Amplifier 200-Watts (2 Ohm stable) Bridged Mono 250-Watt

Where do I start? I am playing a Taylor ce thru this amp and it sounds fantastic. The twin 8″ speakers project well without The twin 8″ speakers project well without distorting the natural sound of the guitar.

Dec 21,  · RCA cables Any 75 ohm RCA cable should work well, especially for this short foot connection from pre-amp to amp. Since you have a pre-amp and outboard amp, you might want to go with someting a little better than radio shack.

You can buy them at best buy or any other electronics store that has a car audio section. The modulator then has regular speaker wire for the output, which you connect to the speaker wires coming out of your factory car stereo. Without it, you won’t hear anything coming out of your amp. If you have an amplifier connection kit, it should contain a remote wire really skinny and usually light blue , along with two thicker wires, one for ground usually black and one for power.

The ground wire needs to be connected to a metal part of your car, and should be relativly short 3 or 4 feet long ; I connected mine to a screw in my trunk. The power wire needs to be connected to your car battery. If you purchased an amp wire kit, it should also contain a fuse for the power wire, which keeps power surges from ruining your amplifier; your fuse will blow instead of your amp. Your car’s factory stereo also has a power and ground wire, but these should never touch your amp’s power and ground wires.

Like the ground wire on the amplifier, the factory stereo’s ground should also be connected to a piece of solid metal on the car, like a bolt or screw. I hope this helps!

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Share on Facebook Graphic equalizers became popular in home audio applications in the late s and throughout the s. They can be easily recognized by their series of slide controls that divide the frequency generally from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, the approximate range of human hearing. The slide controls are centered at zero and slide up and down from zero to 3 db. Hooking up a graphic equalizer to a stereo receiver is a relatively straightforward and simple process.

It’s easy to learn how to hook up a graphic equalizer to an amplifier. Just follow these simple steps. Then connect the second pair of RCA cables between the receiver and the amp. Match the colors in the same way. 3. Connect the Amp to the Receiver Connecting an Equalizer to an Amp without a .

These mistakes can range from simple problematic issues to things that could quickly lead to premature device failure. Let me quickly explain why. Every cable has inherent resistance. The thinner the cable, the more resistance the cable will have. There are other factors as well, but this is the big one. The more resistance a cable has, the more it will affect the frequency response which is possible at the end of the cable run. The reason this is related is because the load the amplifier has to deal with when driving a pair of speakers, changes with frequency.

So if you add more resistance with cables that are too thin, you can actually change the sound—particularly at higher frequencies. The same goes for digital HDMI cables. Distances over 10 feet are where the problems lie.

Hook up car amp without rca, trouble logging in or staying logged in?

I own some of these as a back-up though I’ve never used them. The other question is GC has some if you need them right away. If you do use RCA to XLR cables, make sure to keep them as short as you can and realize you will have to up the volume on either the speakers or your master output to make up for the lower signal. RCA cables tend to stay under 21 feet due to signal loss. Also, be sure they are wired correctly internally.

Sep 22,  · Best Answer: you might not even need a converter, some amps have speaker level inputs that allow you to hook the speaker output from your deck straight to the amp. A converter takes the speaker level outputs from your deck and “converts” them to the low level rca outputs. So basically you would have the speaker outputs from your deck going to the converter, and the an rca from the Status: Resolved.

Before trying to hook up your player, make sure it is plugged in and turns on when you press the “power” button. Usually a small light or welcome message appears when the DVD player is working correctly. There are at three common ways to connect a DVD player, and each needs a different cable to work. Your DVD player should come with all of the appropriate cords, but you need to check which connections your TV accepts as well. The three most common are.

HDMI connections are the highest quality connections and you only need one cord for both the audio and video. There are three prongs at either end– red, yellow, and white — and they match up to corresponding colored inputs on both the TV and DVD player. Once you know what connection you will use, locate the cable and make sure it is not torn or frayed. If you need a new cable, or are missing one, take a picture of the input you want and bring it to your local electronics store to find a replacement.

If possible, use and HDMI cable, as they are the easiest to install and have the best quality video. Once you know what connection you will need, make sure you put the DVD player close enough to the TV so that you can reach the appropriate cables to the back. Do not stack different electronic equipment on top of one another — they can quickly heat up when in use and damage the electronics.

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I was wondering what the benefits are for getting a 4 channel amp vs a 2 channel amp for powering just your 4 speakers. I understand on a 4 channel you can use fader and balance where as on a 2 channel you would probably just have fronts and back fader. Why would you want or even need the balance function? I cannot think when you would have the left side turned up higher than the right side?

Wouldn’t just font and back fader be sufficient?

RCA wires go from amp back of radio a wire from amp ground need to be connected to a large metal part of your car. memory wire needs to hook to a power source that’s only on when your cars on that way your amp does not kill your car battery when you park. and then connect all the speakers.

How do you hook up a 1 farad capacitor to your amp? Answer 1 You first have to determine which side of the cap is positive andwhich side is negative. You run a wire from the negative side tothe chassis and …for the positive side you run a cable from thebattery to the terminal and from the terminal to the amp. Be careful not to mix up positive and negative on the capbecause it could explode and cause damage.

Answer 2 Because the capacitor is used to filter changes in supply voltageto the amp, the capacitor should be as close to the amp aspossible, and connected with heavy wiring. The capacitor also actsas a huge reservoir to supply lots of current as the amp signalhits high levels. By providing plenty of current when it is needed,distortion in the sound is minimized. The key is lots of capacitance, as close to the amp as possible,and thick cables capable of carrying lots of current.

Answer 3 Be very careful with that thing. The current output of a capacitoris the product of capacitance, in this case 1, and the change involtage with time. Thus, if you do something to cause a quickchange in voltage with that, you will get a very large currentspike, possibly hundreds or even thousands of amps.

How to install amp on factory radio w/ out opening dash.