Best Tire Pressure Gauges (Review & Buying Guide) in 2018

The Ignition timing in each reprogram is developed to maximize performance with specific fuel octane and boost levels. Programs offered are recreational performance tuned with safe AFR values, and can be further custom tuned Richened to accommodate additional boost levels. However, custom fuel tuning with the Powershot Fuel Tuner can be an add-on or additional upgrade that is suggested for higher performance applications such as C5 Monster Wheel Kits. Fuel tuning or AFR conditions should always be checked and verified as values will always be slightly different from one engine set up to another. Custom program files can also be performed to accommodate just about any combination of performance level or type of fuel being used. Take your ECU to the next level of performance and send it in for reprogramming today and have it back for the weekend.

Why does my gauge go into the red/high pressure?

Inside the nose of a shallow well jet pump there is a nozzle and venturi pair. The nozzle blows water through the venturi which creates a pressure differential. Note that it may be less in higher altitudes. In this type of setup there are two pipes connecting the pump to the ejector package. One pipe pulls the water up suction while the other pipe pushes some water down drive to circulate water through the nozzle and venturi.

If you have an 84 Pontiac Fiero I would hook up a mechanical pressure tester. Pressure Testing Procedures The easiest way in my opinion, to be sure you’ll get an accurate mechanical reading from the tester is to remove the factory installed sensor.

For my turbo Silverado, one of the necessities of the whole install, considering the fact that I’m using an FMU because of Chevrolet’s outdated poppet system on the 4. After looking around, I decided on the white 7 color LED gauges from glo shift. Next I rounded up all of the essentials for the install. In that picture are, from left to right, 18 Gauge wire, teflon tape, mounting tap, and A schrader valve core removal tool, I bought them all from advance auto parts.

Next was the AN fittings I would need to install the pressure sender on the Shrader valve. As far as other handy things that I used, that werent exactly necessary, were.

Air Testing Water Pipes On Winterized Properties

Sorry, something has gone wrong. Two types of gague, Electric and Mechanical. You need a gague, a sender unit and a length of wire, some connectors and you need to find the light circuit in your car, for the light in the gague. You need a gague, a brass oil fitting and adaptors to suit your motor, 2 brass olives, a length of plastic hollow tube, and again you need to find the light circuit. For a electrical gague, you find the oil sender on your motor, remove it, and install the sender unit for the new gague.

Choose a suitable location to mount the oil pressure gauge; mount the gauge so it is easily viewed while driving. Common mounting locations for aftermarket oil pressure gauges include under the dash, on top of the dash, or set into the dashboard.

Report galtiero answered 3 years ago Just went through this with a sierra 5. Even though the truck had extremely low mileage and oil changes were routinely done sediment had built up in the engine. I would not count on it being a faulty sending unit. I had a long weekend and pulled the motor and tore it down and rebuilt it. I was shocked that this engine with only 79k on it looked worse than any engine I have ever torn down. You have to love modern technology and lubricants.

I did try the kerosene trick used it frequently in the 80’s when dealing with barn find type vehicles that had not been run in years it sis me no good, I also tried raising the motor just enough to drop the oil pan and clean the sediment out of the pan but neither worked because the block is higher in the engine.

The only thing I did not try was to completely and I do mean completely fill the motor with K-1 and let it sit for a few days than drain and repeat. I did this with some vehicles in the 70’s and 80’s that had extreme varnishing but I am not sure I would try that with a modern engine. Also keep in mind that every time you put a high detergent product in the engine you run the risk of having a large piece of scale dislodge and be to large and hardened to be broken down causing it to become an even worse blockage than you started with.

If you want to keep the engine have it torn down and fixed right or it will nickel and dime you to death.

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The following instructions are for creating a MegaSquirt to Relay Board cable. It is for those who are creating their own harness. With both boxes mounted, measure the distance between them from DB connector to DB connector – this will be the length that you will cut the individual wires.

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When jumpstarting a car you essentially give the dead battery just enough boost to start the engine and then rely on the alternator to charge the battery the rest of the way. When using a battery charger, you allow the battery to charge all the way before it will be used again. This should answer important questions such as what the voltage requirements are for charging your battery and whether or not you should remove it from the vehicle before charging.

There will be a manual with your battery charger that provides details for the appropriate use of the charger. Working in a well-ventilated area will help dissipate the hydrogen gas that batteries generate from the sulfuric acid within their cells. Also, make sure to keep any other volatile substances, such as gasoline, flammable materials, or ignition sources flames, cigarettes, matches, lighters away from the battery at all times.

Glasses, gloves, and other protective gear is a good precaution. Hydrogen released within the battery quickly converts to a gas and expands, this can cause the battery to explode if venting mechanisms fail. These accessories draw power from the battery and should be turned off before removing or charging the battery. Most batteries will be found either under the hood of the vehicle or in the trunk. It is also possible that your battery may be under the rear seat, and sometimes the battery can only be accessed from underneath the side of the car.

There are a few ways to tell which is which: Compare the diameters of the battery posts. For most batteries, the positive post is thicker than the negative post.

Series 2000 Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gages

How to Install an Electrical Oil Pressure Gauge by Amelia Allonsy Electric oil pressure gauges are easy for a DIY-mechanic to install, whether replacing a faulty oil pressure gauge, or a custom, after-market look is desired. Oil pressure gauges are designed to inform the driver when the oil falls below a safe operating level, or when the oil pressure is too high. Driving a vehicle without an oil pressure gauge can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Most oil pressure gauges come with mounting panels and the necessary installation hardware.

Nov 05,  · A Cylinder Pressure Gauge and a Working Pressure Gauge. The CPG will show about psi on a full acetylene bottle and decrease as it is used. The WPG indicates the gas pressure to the torch and is set by the regulator.

Why is Tire Pressure so Important? Here are three main reasons why your tire pressure is vastly important: You love your car, but gas prices are always fluctuating, especially following natural disasters. Nobody wants to wait for a tow truck to pick them up, especially for a problem that is so easily avoidable. Smoother ride, happier you.

Apart from that, there are a few actual reasons why having a smoother ride is better for your vehicle.

Gauge hook-up questions

Differential pressure gage, range Air and non-combustible, compatible gases natural gas option available. May be used with hydrogen. Order a Buna-N diaphragm. Pressures must be less than 35 psi.

Sep 03,  · I would appreciate any advice and help on how to hook up my water and oil pressure gauges that I just got from Kirban. I have the oil pressure sender and I a small sender for the water.

Fuel control system Other parts affecting the combustion process emission devices, etc. Each has a characteristic effect on vacuum and you judge their performance by watching variations from normal. It is important to judge engine performance by the general location and action of the needle on a vacuum gauge, rather than just by a vacuum reading. Gauge readings that may be found are as follows: Normal Engine Operation At idling speed, an engine at sea level should show a steady vacuum reading between 17″ and 21″ HG.

A quick opening and closing of the throttle should cause vacuum to drop below 5″ then rebound to 21″ or more.

Series 2000 Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gages

Electrical cum hand operated For Compression test on Concrete or similar materials. Suitable for use on Concrete Cubes of any size upto 5cm x 5cm x 5cm, 7. The load is applied thru hydraulick assembly.

Measures water pressure in the well system by using this Pressure Gauge from Everbilt. Comes with steel case and glass : $

Hook-up drawing indicates tubing slopes, position of instrument in reference to process tapping point, scope break between instrument vs piping. Hook-up drawing also gives information the requirement of bulk material for each installation. It also details its specification size, type and material and the quantity. There are two types of hook-up drawing: Process Hook-Up This hook-up drawing contains typical installations for instrument which connects to the process Pneumatic Hook-Up This hook-up drawing contains typical installations for instrument which requires instrument air such as control valve, actuated valve Reference drawing: A good designer can also read whether the instrument tapped in gas service or liquid service.

Installation detail specification will also specify items that should be utilized and factor that should be considered in one installation The purpose of Instrument Hook Up Drawing As stated earlier, information of the requirement of bulk material is stated for installation on each sheet hence the bulk material required for the whole drawings could be summarized and tabulated in a document named Material Take Off.

During project construction phase, this drawing is also referred as a guidance of how to install the instrument properly. Example of Instrument hook-up drawing.

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Here is a procedure to test the operation of the fuel injection relay and the operation of both fuel pumps. The 3 main things to check in the fuel circuit are the fuel pump relay, and the 2 fuel pumps. Fuel Injection Relay Test. You can check the 1st relay by putting your fingers on the relay module and turning the ignition on and off repeatedly. You should feel the relay click on every time.

OIL PRESSURE GAUGE and SENDER Trouble Shooting STEP ONE(this usually solves the problem) – Before you do anything else, check for defective wiring or grounds, as .

Procedures for Oil Pressure Testing Why Perform Oil Pressure Testing On this page we will discuss how to perform oil pressure testing and what can cause lower than expected results. But first lets talk about why we should bother with testing it at all. Engine oil pressure is a strong indication of your motors overall internal health. Just like they use blood pressure to determine the health of the human body.

The testing procedure is performed with mechanical gauges. Factory gauges might not be accurate or tell the whole story. Measuring pressure as it circulates through the engine in real time will tell you a few things. Why is low pressure bad? Basically the pressure of the oil depends on the efficiency of the oil pump along with the size of the clearances through which the oil will flow. Excessive clearance is most often caused by worn bearings and will cause a decrease in oil pressure. Some common worn bearings would include the crankshaft main bearings or the connecting rod bearings.

Reasons to Test Oil Pressures A loss of engine performance, flickering pressure warning light on the dash, excessive engine noise , and even poor starting can all be caused by abnormal oil pressure. When the engines oil pressure is too low, premature wear of its internally lubricated parts can be one of the results. Any of the above listed problems mentioned will cause me to break out my mechanical gauges and get a reliable reading.

How To Install a Well Pressure Gauge